Future & Proposed Projects

This page provides brief descriptions of future and proposed projects that the California Grizzly Study Group and our partners are considering launching or actively planning to launch in the coming months. If you have ideas for other projects, or if you are a researcher or professional who is interested in collaborating, please let us know.         

  1. An ethnographic study using social science field methods to understand the attitudes, values, and beliefs of people living in communities that could potentially be affected by grizzly reintroduction

  2. An assessment of grizzly management methods relevant to California, including reintroduction protocols and monitoring techniques

  3. A study of the economic costs and benefits of reintroduction, including its implications for ranching, agriculture, recreation, ecotourism, and other sectors

  4. A review paper bringing it all together for an academic audience

  5. A book project reimagining and rewriting the classic 1955 book, California Grizzly, by Tracy I. Storer and Lloyd P. Tevis, Jr.